Constant acceleration

*Input 3 values in any field
System of units:
Example: A boby is traveling along with a velocity of 12 m/s when it accelerates at 0.5 m/s2 for a time period of 10 s. What is the final velocity of this body?
Acceleration  (a):
Distance traveled  (d):
Initial velocity  (v0):
Velocity at time t  (vt):
Time  (t):
Input limit:

Additional acceleration equations     
Free Fall

*Input 2 values in any allowed field
System of units:
Example: A boby is released at an alttitude of 100m, calculate the velocity at inpact with the ground.
Height  (h):
Initial downward velocity  (v0):
Final downward velocity (vt):
Time upward  (t):
Time donward  (t):
Final Height  (h2):
Downward motion     Upward motion     Up Down motion
Input limit:

Additional free fall equations     
Horizontal trajectory

*Input 2/3/4 values in any allowed field

System of units:
Example: Projectile is trajected at a velocity of 12m/s and at an angle of 30°, find trajection distance, and time of flight.
Initial velocity  (V0):
Trajectory angle  (θ0):
Trajectory distance  (S):
Horizontal velocity  (vx):
Vertical initial velocity  (v0y):
Total travel time  (T):
Maximum height reached  (H):
Relative final elevation  (h2):
Flight path equation:
Input limit:

Additional horizontal trajectory equations